What is Google Analytics and do you need it?

So, you have a website – but do you know how many people are visiting it? Also, how are they finding your website, what pages are they reading and of course, how many of them are buying or using your service?

Without knowing these details, how will you know how well your website is performing! Knowing this information gives you the advantage of being able to determine if elements of your website or customer journey need investing in, what is working and what isn’t.

You can monitor the success of your website with Google Analytics, a free tool provided by Google that gives you in-depth insights into the performance of your site. It helps us analyse and and interpret the data it gives us and is a vital tool for any business to help understand what is working about your website and what isn’t.

What is conversion tracking

Depending on your business, a conversion could be counted when a customer makes a purchase through your website, signs up for a newsletter, fills out an online survey or contact form, downloads an app or whitepaper, calls a phone number from a mobile phone, and so on.

Google Analytics

To access Google Analytics, first you must have an account, then register your website. Once you have registered you will be given a tracking code to add to your website.

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