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How can a website benefit my small business.

In the age of technology we are living in, businesses are thriving more and more online. Consumers are now beginning to avoid businesses that don’t have an online presence. Small businesses still wonder if it is worth investing in a website and as a result will often wait until their business is established before investing.

But is this the right thing to do? Well, a website is often the first port of call for a consumer when they are looking for a product or service. They will read about the person or company, get a feel for who they are investing in. Reading testimonials and information about the product or service is vital for consumers and let’s face it, without a website, they may not even find you in the first place. Above all, your website is the first place you can make a first impression, so make it a good one!

A good quality, well maintained website is not just there to look pretty, it can provide a huge amount of benefits to any business.For example, a well made website can help you get more leads and prospects, increase your sales, improve your customer journey and importantly, establish your brand. If you are a family owned business or a one man band, having a dedicated website will tell your story, build trust and be an outlet to display your brand creatively. This can be a huge advantage over larger competitors.

In conclusion, with an estimated 40% of small businesses still not investing in a website, having one could instantly put you a step ahead of your competition.

Still not sure you need a website? Here are other business benefits to consider:

Increase the reach of your business through your website

Whatever your industry or the size of your business, you want the consumer to be aware of your brand. By investing in a quality customisable website, your website will be on brand with custom themes, fonts and page configurations. A website will also provide another important avenue for customers and prospects to find your business online.

Increase Leads with your website online

Gaining visitors is not all you could be aiming for, gaining customers would be even better. A well optimised site could provide potential leads to call, sign up to mailing lists or purchase a product.

Improve Customer Service

Website integrations can streamline your customer journey and improve the quality of the service you provide. There are thousands of plugins and integrations that can set you apart from the competition. 

Keep your customers informed

A well optimised website is not just for your customers, if you have happy customers, utilise that by showcasing your portfolio or your reviews and testimonials. This helps build trust and interest in you and your business, another way to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Reduce Administration costs

Improve the workflow behind the scenes, freeing you up to focus on what really matters for your business. Use integrations to manage bookings, payments and much more and take away the stress of managing this time consuming admin offline. 

Engage with your customers

From social media integrations, live chat, email marketing, managing bookings and calendars, there’s plenty to keep your customers engaged.

Improve your visibility

Keep up to date with your competitors in this ever changing world of digital. A well maintained site can help increase your search rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find you. 

Never close your door to customers again

Provide the ultimate shopping experience to keep your customers coming back. You can reach customers all over the world, at any time of day. 

Expand your small business with minimal overheads through your website.

Keep your overheads lower with fewer employees and streamlined billing and inventory options. Track stock levels, manage stock, waitlists and pre-orders online. Expand your business online rather than by physical location. 

This is just a small list of the benefits a good quality website can provide a small business. Check out this blog by business bloggers who share their number 1 tips on starting and growing a business.

If your business needs help getting online, My Media Consultancy is here to help. Contact us for an informal chat and we can help you grow your business online.

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