Standard Website Audits

The health of your website can deteriorate over time without proper servicing and health checks. Rectifying problems with your website early saves expensive repairs down the line and ensures optimal performance, site speed and user experience for your website visitors.

A Standard Website Check includes:

Check for theme improvements or updates

Check for broken links

Delete unused themes to increase site speed

Update plug-ins

Check anti-spam filter

Speed test for desktop, tablet and mobile

System check for crawl errors

Update WordPress and Files

Back-up of your site including theme files, database, plug-ins and uploads

Analyse user experience

De-activate or delete unused plug-ins

Security scans and plug-in check

Check for optimised images

check 404 page redirects

SEO Website Audits

Do you know who is visiting your website or where you are ranking in google searches? We will provide you with a detailed report and our recommendations on how you can optimise your content and website.

If you already have a website and are ready to improve its search engine visibility, then a website audit is a good starting point. You may already have an SEO strategy but it’s not working or you arn’t seeing the results you want, then an audit may provide the reasons why you are experiencing low conversions and high bounce rates.

To conduct an SEO audit, we run various tests and will generate a report detailing any existing issues. Based on the results of the audit, we can then make recommendations to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. If you have never implemented SEO best practices, then the site audit reveals where you may want to begin your work.

Many websites are not optimised for SEO and may be missing elements like meta data which will need to be added to your site, if your site is SEO optimised already, we can pinpoint where the issues exist. It may be bad backlinks or your pages arn’t mobile friendly, both of which could be penalising your site.

An SEO Website Check includes:

Check SEO basics including Meta Data, Title Tags, Headlines, Images, Alt Texts etc

Key Word Quality

Site Index Analysis

Duplicate Meta Data

Internal Links

User Experience 

Link Analysis

Competitor Analysis


Technical Analysis

Site Maps

Optimal URL Structures

Page Level Analysis

Social Signals

Citation Analysis

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